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June 14, 2017
Gyms in Springfield, VA
6350 Rolling Mill Pl
Ste 103
West Springfield, VA 22152
(703) 829-0167

Love this place! I had never tried yoga, Pilates, or PiYo before. I signed up when it first opened with the 30 day trial for $30 and I was hooked. They offer many different classes with great instructors. The studio is very cozy. The classes are small allowing the instructors to focus on every student, making sure your form is correct. They are continually evolving adding different classes and times to accommodate all.

Holy Cow...SO excited to hear about a new place just minutes from my home! Word of mouth is the way to go! I have been looking for a very elementary yoga class and almost signed up at a place 25 minutes from home. Alas, the yogi karma guided me to this new business. Kudos to a neighbor who offered to drive me to my first class! I needed to learn to breathe and stretch more. Since I sit at my desk a lot, I tend to tense up more than usual. I reviewed the business website, and saw that they offered a free trial class. I immediately signed up and saw that Hatha Yoga was offered at an ideal date/time. The location is a small business in the office buildings next to the Whole Foods in Springfield, off Old Keene Mill. Once I walked in, I immediately could feel the peacefulness of the room, and the 'cleanliness' of everything. Equipment is provided, but I brought my own mat. They have blocks, balls, bands, and blankets! The instructor, Amy, was so patient. She guided us through every movement. Her voice was so calming. I felt a sense of relief at the end of that trial session. The place is not huge. There are not 20 participants trying to grab available floor space...it's more like a cozy 5-6 group of people. SO, enjoyable.that I can actually 'breathe" Did I mention, they are about 10 minutes door-to-door to my home. Oh...wait..here's the awe-some news...they have a $30 for 30 days trial offer, unlimited. They offer yoga, pilates, strength, and PiYo. There is probably more and you can check out their online calendar. Everything is available on their website. Signups are SO easy.

So happy to have found breathe. If you live in the Springfield, Burke or Annandale area and want to practice Yoga or Pilates this is the perfect place. A great variety of classes and wonderful instructors. The studio is intimate and clean. Definitely not intimidating like some of the other studios around.

After relocating from Alexandria to Woodbridge earlier this year I struggled to find a Pilates class in my new neighborhood. When I learned of this studio, I figured the 20 min drive (without traffic) might be worth it. I attended the Barre/Pilates, and Pilates classes on Saturday and Sunday and loved them. Sabrina is wonderful instructor, and the other ladies in the class were so welcoming and fun. I felt like I had been attending class for weeks. I have attended other more commercial Pilates/Barre studios and although they are great in their on regard, it was refreshing to feel so at ease in this intimate studio. The environment and flow the class perfect since I am just getting back into my Pilates practice. I was also pleased to see Lynne, the owner, at the studio both days. She too was very kind and welcoming. I initially gravitated towards Pilates during a time of high stress in my life and loved the physical challenge and relaxation it brings, and I am now so glad to be able to enjoy it again. I certainly will be making the drive to Springfield for class when I can.

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