Bikram Yoga Upper East Side Virginia

January 31, 2018
Bikram Yoga NYC - 103 Reviews
121 Fulton St
Fl 3
New York, NY 10038
(212) 964-6411

Let me start off by saying, I LOVE THIS STUDIO!!! Dedicated yogi instructors wif hawt bodies and lovin the extreme heat! Yay sweating is good! My one caveat is this, although I appreciate the full circle pulse classes, there's are just too many being offered and it is not nearly as good/beneficial as a reg bikram yoga class. I really think they should just offer it once or twice a week because it is a complement to hot yoga but when they add it in all the time during time slots that are convenient for me when I would rather be taking the regular hot yoga, well that really sucks big time and it makes me upset. And sad/mad combo if that is a thing. People who are on the same page probably get what I'm saying. Please I love the studio. For the love of Bikram yoga and normal people who want to advance in yoga and who also are not overweight or have any Heath body issues, please limit the fcp classes since I'm comming for a workout/detox generally and the fcp class just isn't doin it for me, although yes it is beneficial to take once or twice a week to keep my body in check with the alignment. Ok I have said my peace and I hope you take this into account. Gracias. UPDATE! Ok yes, yes Candace you are right about those classes just being offered twice a week and I'm sorry I wrote how it was way more times a week and how I didn't like that at all. I guess I just wish the Friday evening class was just a regular ol bikram class if I really had to gripe about something. But no biggie cuz I ended up taking a dance class at that time slot so it worked out fine. I don't know who you are but I love you Candace, thank you for clarifying and ok yeah I think you are definitely running things extremely well there! Yoga people are the best!!! I hung out wif some losers once at a comedy club who said they hated yoga people and went on and on about it, but they obvi have major issues. Weirdos. I def don't talk to them anymore.

So happy to find a good hot yoga studio by my job. The staff and teachers here are very nice and attentive. I've taken 3 classes here so far and got some great input and suggestions by some superb instructors (Sharleen and Yukari). My first two classes were very challenging and I thought it was because the room was too hot (even for hot yoga) but I really just didn't drink enough water. My class today was amazing! They offer several 90 minute hot yoga classes and their evening class time of 6:30 is perfect for me. It's been difficult to find this combination. The front desk has a nice layout and the check in process is fast. A few caveats: The shower water level is weak The brown carpet in the yoga studio seems a bit old fashioned but at least my feet don't slide on it so I'm getting use to it.

I started going to YogaCare through their Full Circle program. It's a mix of Bikram yoga, strength & conditioning, and meditation. There's a nutritionist who helped me learn to eat like an adult, too. I dropped 30 pounds during the program (just in time for summer). It was a tough, but amazing experience. I also became best friends with the other Full Circle students. Even though the program is over, I still practice at YogaCare every week. It made me fall in love with Bikram yoga, and their studio is top notch. They're CONSTANTLY making improvements, and it's an open, welcoming place.

The only reason why I am going to this studio is because I lived 2 blocks away. I love waking up in the morning and getting a good stretch, especially in the winter. I came here twice and I am loving it already. The instructor I had always correct my posture and encourage us to push a little further, which is what I like. I see some of the reviews complains about how dirty the carpet is but that isn't a problem to me. Maybe because I am already sweating heavily. The studio is also locked once class starts. This is the reason why they do not have any lockers in their restroom. No one is allowed to enter the studio when the practice is going on, so your stuff is safe because everyone is in the heat room. Check the schedule and make sure you come at least 5 minutes before. If you call during classes, no one will be picking up your phone.

Just wrapped up one month at fidi and decided to renew for another month because I adore this studio. I've practiced bikram and a few other places but nothing felt as right as this yoga care. Let's start with the amazing teachers!! They are positive, encouraging, gracious and knowledgeable. Because of their positive vibes it trickles down to the students. People just seem to be a little more friendly here. I used to go to a studio that was incredibly ridged, almost passive aggressive. Forget it, I'd rather enjoy the space and people around me. The studio is kept clean, also a plus. Early morning 6:30/8:30am classes are perfect for my work schedule. I'm so thankful I took a chance on this studio.

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