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April 15, 2013
The Tribal Combo Yoga Mat

Use your Gold’s Gym membership to work out how you want to, whether you’re looking to lose pounds, bulk up or just maintain. This Arlington, Virginia local gym on South Glebe Road makes it easy to get an effective workout and to mix up your routine so you don’t get bored while improving your health. Exciting group fitness programs range from those that increase our cardiovascular endurance and lung capacity to specialty weightlifting classes that build bigger, stronger muscles. Also available, personal fitness training experts are ready to chat about your exercise goals and create a unique plan just for you based on your fitness level and workout preferences.

Get a Gold’s Gym membership to get fit and get out some of the day’s stress with the dedicated boxing studio. This local gym also has a Cardio Cinema to exercise on best-in-the-business cardio equipment and work up a sweat while watching full-length feature films that make the time pass faster. Aerobics-based group fitness programs are available if you enjoy working out with a group and include cycling, BodyStep and dance-infused Zumba. Ask your personal fitness training expert for class suggestions that are in line with your goal, or try nutritional counseling to feel great both inside and out.

Get a Gold’s Gym membership to also learn new and exciting techniques such as in BodyCombat that combines a variety of mixed martial arts. This local gym in the southern part of Virginia also has the signature Gold’s Gym class BodyPump where you learn all the best weightlifting workouts, such as squat, curls and press to build strength in all major muscle groups. After enjoying a group fitness program or your own routine, don’t forget this Gold’s Gym also has ways to relax in the sauna and steam rooms that help sweat away the cares of your day. Personal fitness training experts also help you ease your mind with stress management opportunities that make it easier than ever to improve your health both physically and mentally.

Gym & Fitness Classes

Cardio boxing classes shape your upper body with actual in-the-ring combinations built on jabs, uppercuts and hooks, and these innovative workouts use foot strikes and kicks to work your legs. Other group exercise workouts at the South Arlington Gold’s Gym in Arlington, Virginia, include dance-based cardio fitness classes that put the emphasis on having fun as much as breaking a sweat. You can adapt our fitness exercises to address any health and fitness issues, and our instructors will be happy to suggest modifications. Look into our local yoga classes when you’re searching for non-impact workouts that are easy on the joints, and our step classes are low impact and ideal aerobic sessions for older adults, beginning exercisers and athletes recuperating from injuries.

Work out frustrations in cardio boxing classes, and if you play in a local sports league, check out BodyAttack, our sports-inspired strength training and cardio workout that sharpens agility and speed and boosts power and stamina. Try a cycling exercise workout for an invigorating aerobic workout that develops excellent biking posture and sound riding techniques. BodyFlow is an original fitness exercise class created by famed fitness coach Les Mills, and each class blends carefully structured stretching routines with restorative breathing exercises for holistic workouts that leave you feeling centered and calm. Explore our local yoga classes and consider Pilates for a mat-based workout that enhances muscular symmetry and posture while increasing core strength.

Gym & Fitness Programs

Cardio senior fitness exercises at the South Arlington Gold’s Gym in Arlington, Virginia, are low impact and easy on the joints, and these aerobic exercise classes often use height-adjustable steps to boost coordination. Silver Sneakers strength training workouts can involve elastic tubing, hand-held weights and exercise balls while our senior yoga workouts use carefully paced poses and stretches to increase flexibility and enhance balance. Among senior fitness training programs, the Silver Sneakers plan is a standout for its comprehensive fitness classes and interactive events that help seniors connect. Join this gym program and you’ll also have access to online support for issues such as weight loss, quitting smoking and stress management.

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