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May 12, 2021
Dear Kate s No-Underwear Yoga

A lawmaker in Montana is super pissed about your obscene yoga pants, you guys.

According to the Associated Press via the Billings Gazette, Rep. David Moore introduced a bill in the House Judiciary Committee designed to cut down on clothing that even hints at nudity. House Bill 365 aims to extend already existent indecent exposure laws in the state to cover nipples (including men's). The law would also make it illegal to wear certain clothes that look like or "simulate" genitals, buttocks, and other oft thought of as naughty areas of the body. Tight-fitting clothes that are nude-colored or beige could also violate the law if the bill actually passes.

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"Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway, " Moore told reporters after he presented his bill. LOL, what?

Moore's bill is in response to outrage over a group of a naked bicycle riders who came through Missoula, Montana, recently. The "Bare as You Dare" bicycle event was allowed to travel through the city because officials worried denying them a permit could lead to lawsuits over freedom of speech violations.

A Supreme Court ruling in 1991 covered states' rights to ban public nudity. Barnes v. Glen Theatre Inc. ruled nudity is not an "expression, " giving states like Montana the right to make indecent exposure laws to cover nudity as they see fit. However, I don't think anyone could have possibly imagined yoga pants would fall under this.

Of course, Moore's idea of what clothing should be classified as obscene has some other lawmakers in the state raising eyebrows (or just calling it outright sexist). According to the AP Rep. Virginia Court of Billings said Moore was being "prejudiced against women, " noting that some of the language of the bill unfairly targets women and the clothes they wear.

Source: www.cosmopolitan.com
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