See through Yoga Virginia

August 2, 2019
Lululemon s Resell Policy Bans

Jess-046high res colorPhoto by Bobbi Parker


In my past career in the Air Force the running, sit-ups, and pushups required of me didn’t leave my body or me wanting for more. When I began my civilian career I felt I needed to find my own brand of physical fitness so I began searching for a physical activity that made more sense to my body. After moving to Virginia, I began my yoga journey, with a Groupon, thinking it would be a good way to kill some time while my husband was deployed with the Navy. I loved how yoga made my body feel, and began to observe subtle differences in how it looked (hey, triceps, where’d You come from?), but what I really noticed was the little shift happening in my brain. Things I would have normally freaked out about, like traffic on 64, or the inevitable things falling apart in the house the moment my husband left the pier, became a little easier to breathe through once I learned to allow space for my breath.

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