Saraswati Yoga joint Virginia

August 10, 2021
Saraswati s Yoga Joint
Which Class is right for me?

If you are new to yoga:
– Here are some of the current beginner friendly classes:

Mindful Multi-Level
Yoga 101
Dynamic Alignment
Vinyasa 101
Beginners- by donation
Strengthening Graceful Flow
Giving in to Yin
Sunday Funday

If you are new to The Space Above, but have been doing yoga before:

– Please join us in any of the beginner or Multi-level classes
If you prefer a class designed for deep relaxation, at either level:
– Come to any of the Restorative or Meditation workshops
If you are pregnant or just had a baby:
– Come to the Prenatal or Infant Yoga classes
If you are injured or struggling with other physical limitations :
– You are welcome to join us for Yoga 101 or the Beginners or Basics classes. We would appreciate it if you would call us before arriving for class so that we can determine for sure which class might suit you best.
Vinyasa and Level 2 or 3 classes are NOT appropriate for anyone with less than 1 year of a consistent yoga practice on the mat. It is unsafe for the student and because we try to make an honest effort to be present for each and every student, it can make it difficult for the teacher to facilitate the class safely if there is a student in a class beyond their ability and understanding.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

What is the class structure?

Each class in our studio is unique in that each teacher brings their own voice, experience and personality to their classes. We do have a core commitment to the tradition of the practice of Yoga on the mat in that classes begin with a quiet centering and Pranayama (a breathing practice) This may mean practicing a specific technique or practicing Omkara where you take a complete inhalation and on the exhalation chant. This is done 3 times. Feel free to just listen or to join us. Every class ends with Savasana (relaxation), a guided meditation and Omkara. Following the three rounds of Om, the palms can be placed together at the heart, saying, that is “I bow to the Light within, ” or Jaya Guru Devi, meaning “Victory to health, knowledge and happiness” or Jaya Guru Datta, to say “Victory to knowledge.”

There are some teachers that offer as part of the practice to connect students with the heart, the breath and each other. Again, feel free to join in or just to listen.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of free on street parking next to our building and beside the fence of the storage facility. All of those spaces are available for parking for all. Free on street parking is available on Omohundro between 21st and 22nd Streets and right both 21st and 22nd Streets. There are also several parking spaces right in front of the building and just behind Levin’s Brass Beds’ warehouse on 22nd Street. DO NOT Park in the S. Ray Barrett and CrossFit 757 lot across the street from our building on 22nd Street. You could be towed or ticketed.

What style of yoga do you offer?
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