Organic cotton Yoga pants Virginia

January 1, 2022
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Sustainability doesn't have to stop because you need new clothes-and it doesn't mean compromising on the quality you deserve. Gaiam's organic clothing range includes organic yoga clothing and workout apparel and is designed for healthy living whether you're at the gym or at home. Discover the Gaiam difference.

Our fitness clothes are all designed to move and work with you and are just right as exercise clothing whether you choose yoga, Pilates, or any fitness workout. Our selections are crafted from ecofriendly materials such as rayon from sustainable bamboo, 100 percent organic cotton, and an organic cotton/soybean fiber blend known as ActiveSoy.

We work with artisans and craftspeople around the globe to bring you well-crafted women's casualwear and accessories. Our items are made from natural materials, and many of them are handcrafted and fair trade. You can easily mix and match our popular casual women's clothing to create your own day-to-evening style with versatile organic clothes in comfortable eco-smart fabrics.

Gaiam also offers intimates, organic underwear, and sleepwear that are uniquely soft and silky smooth. Our organic cotton bras, panties, and intimate wear come in a wide range of styles and are completely free of synthetic chemicals. Organic cotton pajamas, natural fiber robes, and nightgowns from Gaiam are dreamy soft. Gaiam loungewear is created without pesticides or other synthetic chemicals.

Practicing yoga isn't just for women. Every day, more and more men are discovering the health benefits of yoga. As a result, men are also discovering that traditional gym clothes may not be best suited for their newfound passion for yoga.

Gaiam offers an ecofriendly line of men's fitness and men's yoga clothing that is both breathable and lightweight. Shop Gaiam to find the functional, comfortable, and stylish men's organic clothing and yoga clothing you can wear every day.

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