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July 19, 2018
What is “Stretch Your Faith”?

GROUP CYCLE* uses specially designed stationary bicycles. Instructor leads a visualization of an outdoor cycling workout. Pace and resistance is varied depending on your own fitness level. *Participants must obtain a class pass from the front desk.

HEALTHY STEPS is a 35 year old therapeutically sound exercise and movement program done to great music designed to help you thrive. Open to everyone from young adults to seniors, regardless of health, age, or ability level. Can be done standing or in a chair. The program improves overall wellness, range of motion, balance, and strength, as well as emotional well-being and self-image.

TAI CHI combines balance and flexibility in slow paced exercises. This beginner class is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

YOGA classes help participants improve balance, strength, and range of motion using traditional yoga poses. Classes are suitable for beginners to those with yoga experience. This class may include multiple standing to floor transitions.

GENTLE YOGA offers a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body while releasing stress and tension, with fewer standing to floor transitions. Props such as blankets, belts, and blocks are used.

YOGA I offers basic postures presented in more challenging ways with a focus on the fundamentals of yoga, with an introduction to standing balance poses, inversions, backbends, and other more advanced postures. Modifications are always given as needed. More standing to floor transitions can be expected in this class.

YOGALATES blends techniques from yoga and Pilates into a refreshing mind/body workout.

CENTERED STRETCH is a mind/body class focusing on different stretching and relaxation techniques utilizing accessories and props to improve your flexibility. This class may include multiple standing to floor transitions.

PILATES is an energizing mind/body workout emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement, appropriate for all levels of fitness. This class may include multiple standing to floor transitions.

BARRE is a mind/body class that delivers incredible body changing results with a low impact workout suitable for all fitness levels and ages. Barre, props, floor, and/or chair work may be included.

ZUMBA® is a Latin-inspired, dance-fitness class incorporating Latin and international music and dance movements, creating a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system. It’s so much fun, it’s “exercise in disguise!”

ZUMBA GOLD® takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active older participant, as well as those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

RISE & GRIND is designed to split CARDIO & RESISTANCE TRAINING into TWO - 30 minute segments with one 30 minute CARDIO workout and one 30 minute RESISTANCE workout. Come for the first 30 minutes, or the last, or for the whole hour for a complete workout. Each week will “flip/flop” segments.

TABATA Come at any time during the time frame listed to get a great high intensity workout. Tabata is a form of interval exercise of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes (8 rounds). A Tabata usually consists of 4-8 different exercises. Participants may come and go and do as much as desired – all levels welcome.

BIKE R BARRE is comprised of 30 minutes of cycle and 45 minutes of Barre. Come for Cycle, Barre, or both for a complete workout. (See specific class descriptions for more details)

BODY SCULPT uses body bars, exercise balls, BOSUs, steps, dumbbells and/or bands to improve muscle tone and strength. Great for any fitness level.

STRETCH, STRENGTH, AND BALANCE is a “variety class for grownups” geared toward seniors or those new to exercise and is ideal for flexibility, strength, and balance to improve function and activity level.

LUNCHTIME COMBO variety of cardio, strength, agility, and balance focus served up for your lunchtime pleasure! Suitable for ALL fitness levels and ages.

AQUA LEVEL I requires no impact and focuses on range of motion, flexibility, mobility, and muscle strengthening using exercises approved by the Arthritis Foundation. All aqua classes are suggested for those with arthritis, joint pain, or replacement.

AQUA LEVEL II includes some impact and low level cardiovascular exercise. Pool temperature is warm so moderate to high cardiovascular exercise is discouraged.

AQUA TAI CHI is performed in shoulder-depth water using a blend of slow, broad movements of the torso, arms, and legs combined with deep breathing. It is great for core strength, balance, and flexibility, relaxing muscles, reducing tension, and increasing circulation.

SUPERVISED POOL TIME is for those who prefer self-directed pool exercises without the class. Warm pool exercise is recommended for arthritis, joint pain, or other limitations. A water instructor or lifeguard will supervise and be available to answer questions.


TARDINESS Those who are 5 minutes late will not be admitted due to concerns about improper warm-up, injuries, and class disruption. Yoga Classes-in keeping with the mind/body experience - NO late arrivals permitted

Passes are given on a first come, first serve basis. One pass per individual. Individual must be present to obtain a pass.
Purchase a punch card* at the Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center is located at 419 Holiday Ct., Suite 200, in Warrenton
Hours: Monday-Thursday – 5:30am-8:30pm * Friday – 5:30am-8:00pm * Saturday – 8:00am-2:00pm

*Non-members must purchase a punch card for GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES. Punch cards are $70.00 and include 10 punches.
Punch cards expire 3 months from the date of purchase and may be used for all group exercise classes. You may use your “used” punch card for 20% off a massage.
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