Lululemon Yoga mat Review Virginia

April 18, 2018
Lululemon Manhasset
3265 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 333-1738

As a Georgetown student, I come to this location all the time. The sales people are very nice and helpful. They always remember me and show me new merchandise, so that makes shopping very easy for me. The fittings rooms are very nice and there are plenty of them. Of course, the clothes speak for themselves. Lululemon makes the best workout clothes, whether you're just wearing them for fashion/leisure, or you're very serious about fitness. This location has pretty much everything Lululemon you could ever want. Best thing, it's never that crowded for being an M street store. I shouldn't have to tell you it's expensive. But it's also 100% worth the money. The clothes are built for performance. They hold up well in the wash, they fit well, every detail is the clothing is made to enhance your workouts, and best thing, they don't smell. If you can't handle the price tag, Athleta and Nike are only a few stores away.

I absolutely love this brand and was excited to see that the store moved to a new location in Georgetown. The store has two floors carrying clothing for both men and women. My friend and I were greeted several times by the store staff, and that was a good indication that they paid attention to the customers. However, one of the store associates asked my friend and I in a blunt manner if we were from the area? I am not sure what that was supposed to mean, but I thought that was pretty rude. you think we look lost in the store or something? Perhaps it could have been a common question that she asked the customers, but one can take offense to it. The sales section was literally just one short rack of clothing. That was a little disappointing considering that it was a bigger store. I also noticed that some of the sale items were marked higher than the price for it online. Overall, they do have a lot of inventory to shop from.

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