How to clean your Yoga mat Virginia?

April 2, 2018
YoYo Mat: Next-generation yoga

Visit our page for a complete list of class options for getting started.

There are three basic ways for new students to start an Ashtanga practice:
1. Intro to Mysore Workshop + 8 Intro to Mysore Classes - AYR offers a monthly Intro to Mysore Workshop (one hour lecture) which is supported by 8 Intro to Mysore classes. These classes provide students individualized guidance and attention as they learn the Ashtanga system. Ideal for students of all levels wishing to develop a self practice or deepen their existing practice. Registration is required. You do NOT need prior yoga experience to start a mysore practice. See our Mysore page for more information.

2. Intro to Ashtanga 6 Week Series - Students are taught the Ashtanga system in a group setting with the potential to transition into a self practice upon completion. The series focuses on philosophy, breath, sun salutations, and the standing postures. Each class builds upon the previous class, giving students a strong foundation for moving forward. Registration is required.

3. Ashtanga Basics Ongoing Class - Ongoing, guided class for beginners focusing on the breath and the foundations of the Primary Series. Ideal for beginners or students new to Ashtanga. Come try us out with our "New to Us" Package - 3 classes/30 day exp/$30.

Before Class

  • Try not to eat for 3-4 hours before class. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. If you need to eat something, make sure it is light and easily digestible.
  • Personal hygiene is an integral part of your yoga practice. Please shower, clean your mat, and wash towels and clothes regularly. Your fellow yogis will thank you!
  • Come hydrated, but refrain from drinking water for a half hour before class. A belly full of liquid will lead to regret!
  • Wear anything comfortable that will move with you as you stretch, and bare feet.
  • We do have mats for rent ($1.00) if you do not have a mat of your own. We encourage regular students to bring their own mat for hygienic purposes. A small towel is also suggested.
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