Tranquil heart Yoga Virginia

June 2, 2019
Have you ever felt as if you
1632 17th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

Things I Love about Tranquil Space: 1) wonderful class variety and robust weekday/weekend schedules, 2) several teachers with some of the most soothing voices I've ever heard (I'm looking at you, Carol Collins!), 3) lavender aromatherapy spray to conclude most classes, and 4) unlimited tea and cookies! After several months of trying out yoga studios across the city, I think I've finally found the place for me. You will not regret joining this studio!

I have taken two classes at the Dupont location. I signed up because I was looking for a more "authentic" yoga experience. No, in fact, I do not enjoy sweating in 100 degree heat to feel the yoga burn and I don't want to be in a stressful, competitive environment. If I wanted to do that, I'd go to Soul Cycle. Location: Easy to find, right next to the Safeway (and a Capital Bike rack). Someone in another review claims this is in the boonies... given it is two blocks from Dupont, I am not sure we have the same definition of boonies. Classes: They offer a wide range of times, and the most popular class seems to be the Yoga-on-the-Go (which is a one hour class). I wish they had something in the mid-morning for adults. However, this time-frame seems to be for people doing yoga with toddlers - which I think is awesome. Beyond just yoga classes, they offer a fair number of prenatal, children, and restorative/meditation yoga, and special workshops. During the day (pre-5pm), only one studio is used at a time, but maybe that will change in the spring? Make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes before class so you can secure a spot if you are in one of the more popular timeframes! Studio Space: They have three floors of studios (3 total?). The largest is the Earth studio, which for a noon day class can be full but not feel like sardines. It will get a little hot when you're doing your third sun salutation, so if you're prone to slipping like I am... bring a towel. Cubbies in the classroom so you can keep your valuables with you. Space Beyond the Mat: Zen spa-like. From the bathrooms to the studio, everything is clean and bright, and thoughtful. There are showers, hairdryers, changing rooms, etc. for after class. If you pay $125/month, you can also leave your mat there. There's also a very nice sitting area for after class so you can cool off with some tea/water and cookies. Teachers: Amaaaazing teachers so far. Very soothing, smart, and attentive - which makes sense, because they do teacher training for yoga instructors on-site. I knew I was hooked when the teachers referred to the poses by both the English translation (e.g. downward dog) and the sanskrit (don't ask me what that is, of course). Sure, this makes me a snob, but I feel like if I am going to practice something that's been around for 5, 000 years...

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