Power Yoga Palm Springs Virginia

March 23, 2020
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Barry Raccio

"Teaching yoga is just part of who I am. I am still becoming; ever growing, always seeking new ways to bring light and love into the world. I enjoy uniting people together whether for a great yoga workout, an educational workshop, music concert, dance party or fundraiser. I am most happy when I create these kinds of experiences and that's why I do what I do. I teach kundalini yoga and meditation and vinyasa flow classes.
With over 15 years of teaching experience, I draw from the moment, through intuition to share what I perceive yoga means; aligning body, mind, heart and breath with the present divine moment. I thrive on introducing beginners to the practice of yoga and taking the intermediate Yogi to new levels."

Barry offers
• Hatha Energy Flow Tue Fri 8 am NEW!

Symara Stone

Symara Stone is a native of Palm Springs, and finished a RYT 200hr Power Yoga Teacher Certification in Spring of 2013. She has been actively teaching yoga for the past three years. On and off, Symara has been practicing yoga for a decade, but recently developed discipline. Thrilled and grateful, Symara is happy to guide the Coachella Valley Community on the yoga mat. Symara is an artistic, charismatic, kinetic, passionate, & soulful musician who will sing you into savasana. Symara is fascinated by sanskrit, yoga philosophy, pranayama, hindu mythology's gods & goddess's, mudras, mantras, & sound healing. You will find her most radiant while teaching others to find their voice, activate their body intelligence, & awaken their kundalini. She incorporates all different styles of yoga into her classes, but most common she teaches a breath centered, alignment-based hatha yoga class! Symara is inspired to share this transformative practice with you and cannot wait to meet you!

Source: www.urbanyoga.org
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