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April 2, 2016
Innerglow yoga offers over 20
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I love Innerglow Yoga! I wish that the studio was in Boston so I could experience the wonderful people and energy everyday. I summer in Falmouth and am happy to break the "4 mile rule" (a friend has a theory that no one at the Cape will travel more than 4 miles for anything in the summer :-) - and it's kinda true!) because Innerglow is the best around and one of the best I've ever experienced. Michelle is amazing and there was a substitute teacher on Saturday 9/5 at 9:30am who I LOVED and I don't know her name! The instructors at Innerglow teach real, spiritual, mindful yoga. They are very challenging and can teach and support you in all positions, including inversions and handstands but they are also great at modifying and teaching for those who haven't reached that level of practice. I appreciate the traditional, spiritual energy I receive in their classes as well. If you ever travel to Amsterdam or Austin, I also HIGHLY recommend these amazing yoga studios: Amsterdam, Netherlands - Delight Yoga: TX - Dharma Yoga:

i highly recommend Inner Glow Yoga! The studio is beautiful, peaceful and clean. I have taken several classes with different teachers; they were all unique, professional and friendly. I found the sequences well structured and the pacing great. I look forward to coming back to Inner Glow next summer!

Innerglow is a fabulous yoga studio. The space is gorgeous but more importantly the people are great! I always feel so welcome and at home, the classes are top notch and offer a great variety. They have won awards for best studio on Cape Cod and they are well deserved!

It was my first time to the Cape and I just so happen to walk by the studio while every other store was closed at 8 AM. The manager was smiling and welcomed my mother and I in with a warm smile. I had done yoga years ago in gym class (talking high school) and hated it, but it could've had something to do with my crazy teacher and the un-zen-like environment (plus no mats for comfort or stability blocks). My mom is an experienced Yogi but for some reason I did not feel intimidated that morning to try a class. I loved it and told the girls who worked there that I would "Yelp the crap out of them." It has taken me a couple weeks to figure out what would be the best way to describe the studio and here is what I've come up with: Stil yoga is a gorgeous studio with tons of classes to choose from, and is perfect whether you're just starting out or are so yoga'd out that you're ready to teach a class. The two classes I attended were small, so when I was unsure of my poses, the instructors were right there to help. It was a challenge, but they also had great music which was just a great bonus in my book. After two classes I left Massachusetts feeling better than I had when I got there. I highly recommend to anyone, go enjoy a class, it's an experience that may change your views on yoga. It did for me.

My first time doing yoga (i tried once at a gym years ago and didn't enjoy it)... The girls at the front were so nice and welcoming. I LOVED the class! It was so nice and relaxing I will definitely be going back! Everyone was super nice, the class was awesome and i felt great afterword. I recommend Inner Glow Yoga Cape Cod to all whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

IMHO this is the best yoga studio I have ever been to. Very welcoming of all levels and experience with yoga. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and teach to everyone in the class . They also have a nice little area of clothing and accessories. The offer a good variety of classes from a relaxing restorative class on Friday evening to more challenging flow classes. I look forward to every class I attend

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