90 Degrees Yoga Virginia

June 12, 2022
From warrior one pose
14227 Midlothian Turnpike
Midlothian, VA 23113
(804) 794-0099

Through a yelp event my boyfriend and I decided to try hot yoga again. We had previously been to another hot house yoga studio in Norfolk. Apparently hot house yoga studios are everywhere in VA and family owned! The staff at the studio is incredibly friendly and we were given a quick verbal tour. I went into the ladies locker room, retrieved a full size locker for my things, filled up my water bottle and went into the room. A perk I noticed about the water fill station is that they have both water fountains as well as sensor bottle fillers which is really lovely and environmentally conscious. The class itself was very fast paced but the instructor, equipped with a hands free microphone reminded the class to take breaks if necessary and also included easier variations of poses for those who were beginners. As the class went on the studio got much much hotter. Make sure to be well hydrated and eat something before you attend a class. Another tip: you must bring your own mat but they do provide mat towels as well as face towels. Pro tip: bring a change of clothes if you're running errands after- you will be soaked in sweat. I bring clothes and even another bra and underwear. Also I like to bring face wash, a wash cloth and moisturizer to clean my skin after such a grueling sweat sesh. It's a great chance to get your face nice and clean after your pores are open and ready for a good cleaning. The locker room/ bathroom is also equipped with 5 shower stalls, hair dryers, mouth wash, hair ties and q-tips for those that need to get ready and go. I think that's a really nice perk! All in all it was a great experience!! This was a great Saturday afternoon treat!

So good!! The location is easy to find if you know it's in the Kroger shopping center. (I actually got rerouted by Siri a few times and ended up off roading a bit to get on the right road) There's plenty of parking and I felt very welcomed as I stepped inside. The staff was super friendly and engaging. They handed me towels and a Manduka Mat cover; blocks and straps are also available for your use. The room was quite big and it seemed very clean. If you're expecting sweat smells I definitely didn't find any - and I'm pretty sensitive. There didn't seem to be a class before ours so that may have helped Class was amazing. Challenging. HOT. Sweaty. The instructor had plenty of modifications ready for beginners while able to speak to advanced yogis. The only reason I am giving 4 stars - and I wish I could give 4.5 stars- is that the background music was a little too loud and made it difficult to hear the instructor at times. I noticed a few people looking around hoping to get visual cues as they may have missed what the instructor was leading. After what seemed like a year in poses ranging from simple cat cow to back bends, twists and even inversions - i was ready for savasava! I felt like I just had my pores and every skin cell cleansed. I was super relaxed. And sweaty. I'd definitely recommend hot house yoga to my friends! Simply a great way to change up a work out routine

I have been going to Hot House for about 6 months and I love it!! The instructors are SUPER knowledgeable and I love how they sequence the yoga poses. I always leave feeling better than when I walked in and my stress level has been literally cut in half. I recommend Hot House for all fellow yogis.

HOLY HUMIDITY. I came into Hot House one wknd while I was away from my regular hot yoga studio. Everyone was super friendly, gave me the tour, and showed me where to go. They have one room that immediately upon entering you wonder if it was a mistake. You're basically doing yoga in a sauna; the heat and the humidity put the room at or above 105 degrees. The air was palpable. I find that level of heat actually debilitating where one finds it difficult to struggle for breath. My yoga studio heats no more than 90 degrees, which I prefer because you still sweat your butt off, but instead of trying to gasp for air the whole time, your focus is going deeper and longer into poses and challenging yourself. The class sizes are quite large and the instructor has a head microphone; a little corporate gym-like for me. Lights on. Mirrors in front of you to distract you from your practice. I don't know, I think I'm used to just more of a controlled breath, zen-focused practice. I don't want to look at myself in a mirror and I don't want to struggle to breathe. I think perhaps this atmosphere may work for some people, but there's no way I could make this part of my daily routine. It's too incredibly hot here.

I'm still loving the classes and the instructors here. I've been coming regularly now, for over a year. I've dropped nearly 10 pounds and dropped two sizes. I feel stronger, breathe better, and feel greater calm and mood stability. I used to come home with tense shoulders and neck pain - all of that is gone now. The yoga alone isn't responsible, but it has had great impact on me generally and on how I manage stress and diet.

I recently moved to VA for a short 6 weeks and needed to find a temporary hot yoga studio for my time there. After trying a Bikram studio that wasn't for me, I came to this studio and immediately fell in love. The staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming and helped me feel right at home instantly. I took my first class before buying a package to see how the class was- needless to say I immediately bought an unlimited package after taking a class from the wonderful instructor, Kat :). This place is AMAZING. The flow classes and stability classes are both challenging and great, the instructors are great, and the studio (including the yoga room, bathrooms, etc.) are kept extremely clean. I would not hesitate to tell anyone to go to this studio if you are looking for a place to sweat. Another bonus is that there are multiple Hot House studios in VA, and if you buy a package, you can use it at any other location. I was able to take classes at the studio on Henrico street as well, and was just as impressed with this location. I give this business 5+++++ stars!!!

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