Yoga mat Carrier Virginia

March 28, 2018
GO Play Mat Bag by Manduka

BeerBeer lovers, rejoice. Beer-loving yogis, rejoice. People everywhere, rejoice. The ultimate (and most inconspicuous) method of beer transportation has arrived.

This beautiful contraption is and it’s made for the adventurous partier. To the untrained eye, this bag may appear to be your standard yoga mat carrier. To the experienced college student, this tube is much, much more.

To make a great thing better, it only costs $21.95 and the bag is insulated, relieving you of the anxiety that you may arrive at your next gathering with six lukewarm beers. Nobody wants to be that guy.

With this bag you are able to roam the streets without a care. You eliminate the risk of getting nasty glances from disapproving onlookers on the bus who don’t want to see you carrying a case of beer en route to a party.

Onlookers may applaud you for attending a yoga class, completely unaware that your intentions lie elsewhere. Just smile and wave as you secretly transport your beer, free of hassle.

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