Locust Yoga pose Virginia

March 18, 2018
  • Breathing in, raise the right leg up. Keep the leg straight and do not twist the hip.
  • Hold and keep breathing.
  • Breathing out, bring the right leg down.
  • Repeat steps 3-5 with the left leg. Take 2-3 deep breaths.
  • Breathing in, and with some momentum, lift both legs up, as high as possible, keeping the knees straight.
  • Hold.
  • Breathing out, bring the legs down, take the arms out from underneath, and rest.
  • Repeat the above sequence with hands facing down in step 2.

Benefits of the Locust Posture (Shalabasana)

  • Increases flexibility and strength of the entire back
  • Strengthens shoulders and arms
  • Tones the nerves and muscles especially in the neck and shoulders
  • Massages and tones abdominal organs, and improves digestion

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