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January 19, 2018
LOTUS - Light Of Truth

Our Values

Community. We foster feeling of belonging, being, connecting, helping, serving, learning, laughing, and having fun with each other based on mutual trust, respect, and admiration. Ourenvironment is safe and free of judgment, where people of all ages and backgrounds are able to communicate openly, authentically, learn, grow, accept, and ultimately transform.

Service. We are committed to going above and beyond to serve people with an open heart.

Authenticity. We hold a safe space, free of judgment, where individuals are comfortable with being seen, being vulnerable and being real.

Integrity. We strive to create alignment in every part of our lives. As we align we create more stability, ease and happiness to ourselves and everyone around us.

Collaboration. It is an intentional and designed way of working together that harnesses the collective intelligence, appreciation, imagination, and spirit of our community.

Fun. A forward-moving energy that generates actions, empowering individuals and their communities toward new possibilities. This leads to an exchange of ideas, problem solving and creativity.

hot yoga, power yoga, baptiste yogaWhy Dancing Mind?

Dancing Mind comes from the book “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind”, by Chungliang Al Huang.

The book was impactful and its message speaks to the mindset that we aim to embody:

To be present is to be able to feel our bodies. Breathe.
When we shift our attitudes and beliefs about what is possible in our world, we are able to redefine our own potential.
Focus on what we have control over and let go of what you can’t control.
Seek internal satisfaction. See life as a journey.
Be aware that nothing is perfect.
Keep it real.
Stay in control but do not obsess over it.
Be positive.
Be confident.
Be powerful.

About Our Lotus

In Yoga philosophy, the lotus blossom is a symbol of Divine consciousness and love, but above all – union. The lotus flower grows from the bottom of murky waters and eventually rises above and blooms in its complete perfection and beauty; a powerful transformation.

At Dancing Mind, our lotus has many meanings, and was intentionally designed to represent many of the teachings we learn through our practice of yoga.

Beginning with the gold shinning from the center of the lotus, the light that shines forth inside each of us represents our inner power. The touches of brown throughout the lotus symbolize grounding to the earth and a strong sense of stability. Eventually the gold brown fades into a vibrant shade of indigo – the color of consciousness, growing more intense towards the outside of the lotus’ petals.

The white space within the lotus’ petals symbolizes Dancing Mind’s commitment to holding a safe space, free of judgment, so all of our students can experience new possibilities. This powerful energy that we symbolize through the blossoms and inside out transformation comes together much like the petals of the Lotus’ come together in a wisdom mudra, as fingers gently but firmly touching and sealing our power within. That is our new way of being.

Source: www.dancingmind.com
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